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Timeshare is a wonderful product for the most part, but many of us can do without the sales process and yearly increases in maintenance fees.  Clients have realized that they can vacation to the same locations and resorts without being an owner at all. In fact, you can stay in these resorts for less than what owners are paying in those yearly maintenance fees. Places like eBay, VRBO, and Air BnB have made timeshare ownership obsolete. Timeshare units were once exclusive to timeshare owners; not anymore. Our clients have noticed the resorts are now occupied by 50% owners and 50% renters. Why be obligated to annually increasing maintenance fees and subject to one resort company’s availability as well as their high-pressure salespeople when you can stay in the same units for less money and obligation? If you have a paid-off contract and are current on maintenance fees, fill out the survey below, and let's remove this financial burden once and for all.

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