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Timeshare ownership is not something that can be downgraded, only upgraded right? As people age, their vacation habits change. Our company offers a solution. Whether you are looking to slow down on travel or wish to go another direction completely, we can help. Or the worst-case scenario, you were lied to or pressured into a purchase or even many purchases. We offer two different services that help you reduce, or eliminate your timeshare ownership.

Ownership/Debt Reduction 

This service reduces the number of points, as well as reducing the overall contractual debt amount to a more manageable position. This is done by canceling your last 1 or 2 purchases.

Ownership/Debt Elimination

This service eliminates total debt, leaving you with the points you've paid for in full. Your obligation is only the maintenance fees attached to the remaining points. Many Timeshare companies will take back a paid off deed for free.

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