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Interval Exit services offers timeshare debt cancellation options to quickly and permanently get you out of, or reduce your existing timeshare mortgage. When deciding to cancel or reduce your timeshare debt, there are several factors, such as where and when you bought, and what timeshare company you purchased with. Our expert staff will give you all the information you need to know to cancel your timeshare debt once and for all. We offer timeshare debt cancellation services for almost all Timeshare company contracts

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Financial Freedom

Our experienced team knows how quickly the cost of timeshare ownership can add up. While getting your debt canceled, we will work diligently to get your money recovered. Depending on how much money you put down and how many payments you have made, you could be entitled to a massive refund. We are one of the only timeshare cancellation companies that will continue the fight to recover the money you have spent. Let us help you fight to recover as much of your money as we can!

Credit Protection

Many clients worry that their credit will be destroyed during the process of reducing or eliminating their debt to these timeshare companies. If this is not done properly, that worry is a certainty. Interval Exit Services offers 2 forms of credit protection to our clients. We do not leave anything to chance, our client's credit will be protected every step of the way. Once your timeshare is officially in dispute, if you decide to stop making payments on your timeshare, the timeshare company cannot negatively report to credit bureaus. Our expert staff will help you protect your credit throughout the timeshare debt cancellation process.

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Timeshare Attorneys Are Unnecessary

A Timeshare attorney is unnecessary in canceling timeshare contract debt. Law Firms are advertising they have attorneys on staff to help with your timeshare cancellation. Some timeshare owners believe this will help them get out of the timeshare. The truth is the timeshare attorney is not going to do anything in canceling your timeshare because it will almost never go to court, and most of the timeshare attorneys are not even licensed in the state you bought your timeshare and have no authority. This is just a gimmick to try to earn your business and should be known to all timeshare owners looking to cancel their timeshares. Attorneys also have billable hours. That’s how they are paid. The client gives a retainer and when that is gone, the attorney asks for more money. This could go on for a year or two or three before any result is obtained. Attorneys cannot offer a money-back guarantee either. A lawyer cannot practice law in a state they are not licensed in. Most lawyers do not know the first thing about canceling a timeshare contract. They can look at your documents and tell you if they are binding, but that is about it. They did not go to college to practice timeshare law, nor did they study timeshare contracts. Every state and every timeshare company has different contracts and guidelines. To better understand what needs to be done to cancel a timeshare, you need an expert, who has worked to cancel contracts from the resort company before. A Timeshare Lawyer is not what you need when trying to get out of a timeshare. You need a consumer advocacy company that specializes in canceling timeshare contracts. Interval Exit services has helped consumers cancel contracts in every state in the US, Mexico, Canada. We know the proper steps in getting consumers out of their timeshare debt.

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