What We Do

Interval Exit Services provides the timeshare debt elimination service to assist those owners that are unable to help themselves. We understand that many people have been victims of high-pressure sales tactics and misrepresentation to persuade them to buy a timeshare. You were told it was an investment, and the truth is, it’s just a massive liability and a never-ending money pit. And they want you to leave this to your kids?

Our team uses our extensive knowledge and years of experience to find the most effective and efficient ways to cancel your timeshare debt. Every case is different, so we keep up with industry trends and sales pitches within the timeshare organizations, through our existing cases.

The timeshare industry continuously develops different sales strategies to trick their own owners into buying more and more of their products. The past tense pitch of missed options and lower maintenance fees is a common practice. As well as rental, resale, and buyback of your timeshare points. None of this is actually true, but these salespeople sure make it sound good… Don’t they? They promise the world at the presentation, then they never return calls or assist in the way promised they would. Take the first step with us, we will prevail. We guarantee it.

We were founded and accredited in North Carolina. Click the BBB  logo on the bottom of each page.